Revolutionizing kid’s habit of watching TV

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It is difficult for kids to avoid watching TV in this era of the smart and digital world. Most of the time parents forcefully engage their kids with TV & gadgets to get some time to complete their routine task and slowly it becomes a habit for kids.

Gradually this habit results into addiction. At Cerebroz Edutree, we have come up with a unique concept of educational activities for kids.

In this fast digital time we cannot stop our kids from using technology, if we will do so somehow we will stop their growth. So, let them watch TV but fix the program and time too. Don’t say direct no to them but offer them some learning activities or something creative, some out of box idea to attract them instead of watching TV programs and Ads.

If your child is going through something like this, it is a high time to change their habit of watching TV. Because, while watching TV, your child maybe wasting his/her precious time watching useless Ads and other violent stuff. This affects their brain in a negative way. Let your child utilize the screen time effectively. But how?

With our innovative design of Edutree, here are some simple ways to transform their habit and enhance kids learning.

    • When you install Edutree device at your home, your child will see positive educational content instead of negative things.
    • Whenever any Ad will pop up on TV, your Edutree device will automatically replace this Ad with educational videos.
  • Kids are thus exposed to general knowledge and a different medium of learning.
  • This will in turn positively affect their behavioral patterns. They will learn in a fun way, be socially active and be more creative.

So in this way, Cerebroz Edutree has now reduced the tension of most parents. Thus we say that we transform your idiot box to a genius box. With our unique concept of replacing TV Ads and our educational videos, we are here to bring about a positive change in the kids’ habit of watching TV.

Let your child learn the digital way, but in a more fun and entertaining way without getting influenced negatively. It is high time we take steps to ensure that kids are not wasting their time watching harmful content on TV. Give them a leading edge with our learning websites and see the change in them.

So parents, just relax and install our Edutree device and see its productive results on your kids!

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