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The negative impact of TV on children ? See How to tackle It.

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Television is just like a family member in the Indian household. All the members of the family are usually tuned into TV most of the time. In the era of social media and smartphones people are habituated to live 2 screen life at home where another screen is always a TV.

Like it or hate it, but you cannot ignore TV in leisure time. To add more pain, it’s the kid’s favorite pastime. The negative impact of TV is a big challenge for every parent globally.

The problem is when children become glued in front of the TV sets parents have all the reasons to complain. As per a research conducted recently, one of the most staggering findings is that on an average a child spends at least 4 hours a day watching TV.

Unfortunately, one hour out of it goes to watching useless TV Ads.

Let us first understand how TV affects children than to find ways to tackle it.

  • The TV provides practically no knowledge or educational benefits to kids below 3 years of age. There are some exceptions but it is impossible to find a TV channel without TV ads in between the shows. Instead of watching TV hampers their language, motor, and sensory skills.
  • Children who watch a lot of TV have no time for other activities like- reading, exercise, playing outside, social interaction and so on.
  • Many studies have shown that too much TV creates aggressive behavior and lack of concentration among children.
  • Also children tend to have the habit of watching TV and eating. In the process, they end up over-eating or consuming junk food resulting in obesity.
  • TV exposes kids to violence and sometimes negative influences at an early age. Some of the fights, violence, sexual scenes, alcohol and drug use are shown on TV forms a negative impression on them. Their minds are still blooming. Whatever they see, forms an impression on them early on thus influencing their behavior when they grow older.
  • Kids demand for products they continuously watch in TV commercials. Many products prove to be useless and that wastes the money of parents.

Though there are many adverse effects, TV is not that bad too. If TV is watched in moderation and the content is good, then there is no harm as such.

We at Edutree, have come up with a solution for all the parents. We bring you educational videos and the world’s first TV Ad replacer to your homes.

Here are some ways to tackle the negative impact of TV on children.

  • TV can be beneficial and a complement to school learning provided kids watch educational videos on it.
  • Kids who watch informative or educational videos can grasp concepts in an easy and practical way. for instance – Edutree videos on i) different states of matter ii) joints-ball and socket joints can teach kids practically and in a more appealing manner on TV.
  • For the preschoolers, we have nursery rhymes and alphabet videos which provide fun with learning.
  • TV ads are redundant to watch and have no useful input on children’s mind. Replacing these with educational content is a unique way of engaging the young curious minds.
  • As parents, encourage your child to make TV viewing an active learning experience, rather than a passive one.

With Cerebroz Edutree, parents will be happy as the negative impact of TV is converted into positive effects. Together let us educate, inform and inspire your kids!


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