Cerebroz EduTree: Say cheers to edutainment and not TV & internet!

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A recent report for Public Health England concluded, “Children who spend more time on computer, watching television and playing video games tend to experience higher levels of emotional distress, anxiety and depression.”

Back home in India, these findings find relevance too. Parents often find themselves at the receiving end when it comes to their children spending too much time on television and internet. The biggest blow comes when they attend parent-teacher meetings and come with poor report cards. However, blaming parents solely is not the right thing with both of them working to meet the growing financial needs of their children. Also, these days, children are more adamant due to over exposure to cartoons and other media. So, mostly in absence of a parental figure in the house, they tend to take the liberty of spending unaccounted hours on TV and internet. Thus, there needs to be a defined permissible limit for watching television or spending time on internet as more exposure to the two can hinder child’s mental and physical growth.

How is TV and internet eating up your children’s innocence?

In earlier days, when there was no television and internet, children often used to spend time in the parks or playing with their friends or opting for long cycling spree. This helped in channelising their energies in the right direction and they never showed signs of extreme aggression unlike kids these days.

However, today, with easy access to internet and television along with swanky gadgets, children end up watching videos or are hooked to cartoons or dangerous games online. Given their limited experience to the real world, they generally fall in the wrong trap (read Blue Whale).

This is where all the innocence is lost and children end up battling stress which is uncalled for. Most of the times, children become aloof and prefer to be among themselves only. For them, real social interactions do not hold any importance. Besides this, education too loses its charm. Books do not excite them and they end up scoring poor grades. Also, it is a given fact that television and internet can entertain but cannot offer emotional warmth. Here is where parents need to step in and take the remote away as well as disconnect the internet.

Time to look for a mid-way

Technology is a boon but the trick is how best we can use it for our advantage. Watching television or exploring the world of internet is not bad. But too much of anything is bad enough. Parents need to keep a tab on the time their children are spending in front of all forms of screens i.e., television, computers, mobile and iPads. Another important thing to consider is exploring edutainment field where children can get entertained and educated at one go. Merely taking away remote control or mobile phone will not bring desired results and it is important to explore a mid-way that will address both parents and children’s concern.

Here the novel concept of EduTree—world’s first television advertisement replacer that tactfully replaces television commercials with complete K12 educational videos, deserves a special mention.

Cerebroz EduTree: Making SMART PARENTS!

The innovative concept of EduTree is brainchild of Cerebroz, an edutainment media that works to make education more enjoyable for children.

EduTree basically uses the advertisement time to plant educative material relating to Science, Maths, English, General Knowledge or Social Development. The animated videos make sure that the message is communicated to children in the most entertaining manner.

So, the time has come to become SMART PARENTS rather than just offering smart phones to children.


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