Cerebroz EduTree: Fixing the broken education system

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SheByShe, the leading women’s opinion site, recently asked women to share their opinion about parenting. Nearly 74 percent of the respondent stated that they find parenting challenging. And when they were asked to jot down the top 10 challenges, one of the key issues highlighted was the difficulty to ensure quality education of their children.

Well, with both the parents working and cost of living increasing, parenting has definitely become a challenging task. Adding to this, overexposure to television, mobile, and palmtops have raised another pertinent concern – how to keep a tab on the content consumed by children? It is quite obvious that those children, who spend a majority of their time in front of the television screen, end up scoring low in examination or develop disinterest towards studies.

What more? When your child is watching television, there are advertisements that pop up and some of them might not be suitable for your kids. But still, your child gets exposed to it and curiosity might tempt him/her to know more. And in times when a mobile phone with internet is handy, children know that they can search for any and everything.


Problems with current education system

Even the current child education system in the country is problematic. These days, the focus is more on marks than overall development and in this process, emotional, social and general awareness quotient of the children remain underdeveloped. Other aspects like oral and communication skills are also neglected.

It goes without saying that education is not all about reading books and clearing examinations. The need of the hour is to groom children so that they are completely ready to take on the future challenges with confidence and smile. This is where proper intervention and initiatives and new methods can help in molding young minds.

Well, much to the parent’s delight, there is a technology that can boost overall development of children by showing educative, social education and general knowledge content to them as per their age and block unnecessary advertisements between their favorite television program. Thus, it goes without saying that technology, if used wisely, can do wonders and Cerebroz as your solution partner can make your complete child development easy.


Cerebroz EduTree: A single technology with multi-wonders

Cerebroz has come up with a revolutionary concept called EduTree – world’s first TV advertisement replacer that converts the idiot box to a genius box. This innovative educational device tactfully replaces television commercials with complete K12 educational videos. These can be related to Science, Maths, English, General Knowledge or Social Development. To make these videos exciting, interesting concepts are designed and curated by scientists and latest animation techniques are employed.

The videos are designed in such a way that the child has inclined towards them and not the actual program. This in a way saves kids from the harmful effects that the general ads might have on their minds. Hence, children can be entertained and educated in one go.

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