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Cerebroz EduTree is replacing TV ads with educational videos

We are the only one who provides complete education – academic, social and general knowledge: CEO

If you are concerned that your kid spends too much time watching TV, here’s an option. You can now slip in some educational or social lessons in between ad-breaks in easy-to-remember 100-second videos.  This is possible through a device called EduTree that is programmed to play these videos during ad-breaks.

It processes the TV signals and decides if it is an ad or a TV programme. “We replace TV ads with education, including K12, social education and general knowledge, “says Vijay Kantharia, founder & chief executive officer, Cerebroz EduTree.



The Surat-based start-up, which developed this device, raised Rs 4.7 crore in seed funding from Dubai-
based Indian investors last week. It can be connected to a TV using an HDMI or RCA cable and can be

customized in terms of what you want to watch. The TV monitor can also be used to play longer videos
for higher classes but that’s not Cerebroz’ strength.
Kantharia says his device is the first TV ad replacer with education. “We are the only one who provides
complete education — academic, social and general knowledge. All our content are
conceptualized/curated by scientists, and each topic is explained is less than 100 seconds,” says the 30-
year-old Kantharia, who gave up a career in research in the US to start this venture.
“After I joined as a researcher in the US, I found myself spending more and more time in front of the TV
screen. I realized my life was influenced by TV. It dictates my emotions, my behavior, to some extent,
and my choices of products. I wanted to free people from it,” says Kantharia, who is helped by a founding
team of five people.
The device has other multiple features: It can also work as a Wi-Fi router, screen caster, PIP, personal
tutor and personal computer.
“We are transforming TV from personal sales man to a personal tutor. We are converting an idiot box into
a genius box. We want to create a better society where people are socially and morally educated, not just
academically,” says the founder, who has now expanded his team.
The company is using schools to reach out kids and hoping they would go back home and push their
parents to buy it. It is focusing on the K-12 students. It has sold 975 devices, mostly in Surat, and plans to
sell 10,000 devices in this academic year. It sells a device for Rs 9,500 and charges a subscription fee of
Rs 3,500 for next year.

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