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If we look at the world’s literacy rate, it has been improved over the years but on the other hand the crimes, terrorism, social problems has increased as well implying increase in literacy rate has partially failed to improve society. But if we go by Nelson Mandela’s word “Education is the only weapon you can use to change the world” then there is some thing wrong with the current education system. Let’s have a closer look at it


We all wants to be educated and give our child the best education, because we know that education is the only thing which will help us succeed in life and It is education which separates us from other creatures on earth. Though we have understood the importance of education we have failed to understand the meaning of education, resulting in increase in literacy rate but education. what makes me say this is the fact that increase in literacy rate has failed to solve social issues. To put it in other words we are getting “more and more academically educated but aren’t really getting educated”.Each year there are several new schools and colleges are getting open and people are spending huge sum of money but it isn’t taking us anywhere.In fact in some cases it is complicating the matter because the increased in school/college quantity has decreased the quality of education, which is resulting in the academically qualified students with the lower skill sets. some of them doesn’t find job in their respective field and some who find job works at the very lower pay scale, eventually compromising through out his life

Let me shade some more light on the social issues like corruption, terrorism, dowry. In most of this cases academically educated people are involved,In fact in terms of dowry more the academic education more the demand for dowry, this clearly suggests that only academic education isn’t going to solve our problem. We definitely need Social cerebroz education in addition to academic education. Unfortunately there aren’t many organisation in the education field which focuses more on the social education, which is the prime requirement in todays world, while scorching through web I came across which is the only site which focuses on social education and G.K along with academic education in the most creative way possible through animations and EduTree, an unique technology and device developed by cerebroz which reduces the negative effect of TV and digital media. Will discuss more about EduTree in the next blog on TV & Digital Media’s effect on peoples life. To be successful and a responsible person we need complete education, Including social education and General Knowledge in addition to academic education which is the basis for judging people for everything they do. Your marriage, Job, Social respect everything is decided by only the degree you have, which is the wrong human mentality and it is one of the influencing factor of all the preceding problems. Do share your views and thoughts in the comments and let us know what is the best solution for solving social issues through education, how we can achieve the better society and eventually a better nation.

– Vijay Kantharia
About the author: Vijay was a researcher in the US before dropping out and starting his own venture cerebroz and developed the new technology, EduTree to improve
and revolutionise the EduTech industry. He loves reading, travelling and working towards solving social issues.cerebroz



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